Responsibly Sourced, Unabashedly Authentic

The Barn Restaurant near Harrisburg, PA.

The wellness of our diners begins with the transparency of our food’s origins. Our talented culinary team’s honest but flavorful dishes, created mainly through locally – and responsibly-sourced ingredients, form the main components of our innovative cuisine. When you dine in the peaceful, rustic atmosphere of The Barn with your friends, family, or associates, know that you’re playing a vital role in the success of our local agriculture.


Our menu philosophy at The Barn Restaurant is to create dishes and cocktails using unique, innovative touches on traditional classics.

Private Dining

Choose between two distinct, rustic private dining rooms for your next anniversary, family outing, or company dinner.

Local Partnerships

We’ve formed partnerships with local purveyors to deliver fresh ingredients to our diners, and support our local farmers

Make a Reservation

Avoid the wait! If you’re a guest that intends on dining at The Barn Restaurant during your stay at Allenberry, or someone that simply prefers to plan ahead, we encourage you to reserve your table for your party through Open Table.

Call to reserve:
(717) 258-3211 ext. 2


Sunday: 10AM – 2PM

Tuesday – Saturday: 11AM – 4PM

Monday – Thursday, Sunday: 4PM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday: 4PM – 10PM

Memorable Dining Experiences

Meet Kurt Wewer

Our self-taught Executive Chef, Kurt Wewer, first found his passion for cooking from his Italian grandparents when he was just a boy. Every Sunday evening, his grandparents would visit his parents’ home in Hummelstown, Pa., and teach him how to cook pasta dishes for dinner, along with heritage recipes he gained from his mother. Along the way, they taught Kurt how to be resourceful in gathering the fresh ingredients needed to bring the potential out of each dish, from plucking fresh peppers from the garden, venison from a recent hunt, and foraging mushrooms nearby. This “from-the-earth” approach, taught to Kurt at a young age, became one of the core cooking values Kurt continues to hold dear and imparts on Allenberry’s overall culinary philosophy.

Kurt’s career beginnings were even more humble- he started as a dishwasher with dreams of his own restaurant. His dreams really began to take off when he worked his way up from Line Cook to Sous Chef within two years during a seven-year stint at Houlihan’s in Hershey, Pa, and eventually realized when he became the Executive Chef at the Garlic Poet in Camp Hill, Pa. in 2013.

The Garlic Poet and it’s affiliate restaurant, Grain & Verse (opened 2 years later), finally allowed Kurt to flex his creative muscle while still retaining the “from-the-earth” philosophy his grandparents had instilled in him. It was the first opportunity Kurt was given to make a restaurant that completely new and innovative into something successful.  The Garlic Poet would later go on to win countless awards, including Pennsylvania Super Chef (Overall), Most Creative Dessert (Liquid Nitrogen Fried Chicken & Waffles Ice Cream), and many more. Now, Kurt brings his imaginative flair, passion for fresh ingredients from local agricultural partners, and a commitment to providing honesty and transparency to diners about what they eat, to Allenberry Resort.

In his spare time, Kurt still engages with the hobbies introduced to him while he was young. He still fishes, forages, and hikes in his spare time, now with his two children, Finn and Fiona. Kurt is also an incredibly avid music fan, playing guitar for as long as he’s cooked (5 years old). He’s previously formed a band and toured regionally with original music he’s written, and almost never misses a Phish concert.

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