The Playhouse Theater

Allenberry Playhouse

A Legacy of Performing Arts

For over 70 years, Allenberry has been delivering performances that stir souls and invoke imaginations through our famed Playhouse.

The legacy of entertainment has spanned across several generations, specializing in making timeless memories. As a guest or resident of our neighborhoods, you can experience entertainment all year round that aims to reach a wide range of audiences – both young and old.

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

March 2, 9, 16

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Something Rotten

April 26 - May 12

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Playhouse History

The Playhouse at Allenberry was erected in 1949 by former owner, Charles A. B. Heinze, and recently renovated in 2017 by the Kennedy Family. 

In its long history, the Playhouse at Allenberry has hosted more than 600 productions and thousands of actors, dancers, musicians, directors, designers, and technicians creating an unrivaled body of theatrical work spanning across a wide range of genres. It has even featured Shirley Jones during a special engagement and a young John Travolta. 

Our partnership with Keystone Theatrics, a non-profit theatre production company focused on educational opportunity, specializes in producing memorable theatrical performances for a wide range of audiences. 

What Vistors Have Said

We enjoyed a show at the Playhouse. The venue is small without being claustrophobic, lending an intimacy to the production. The players, though amateurs, were skilled and well-rehearsed. The musicians providing accompaniment were likewise excellent.

Great musical play in the Playhouse! Two super Sopranos, a great cast! Worth the price of admission.