More Than Just a Resort

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Thank You.

Allenberry Resort has always been a special place beyond a set of basic hotel rooms. Our family at Allenberry has always aimed to deliver something much more than a place to comfortably lay your head for the night.

It’s been a place to escape, enjoy the outdoors, and a bastion of calm reflection and perspective. A place to experience something new and fulfilling. A place to make unforgettable memories with the ones you love and reconnect with your family, friends, and community. Beyond that, Allenberry has been a love letter to the colonial history of Cumberland County, standing strong for 200+ years.

But most importantly, it’s been the people- our guests, our staff, and community throughout the years, that has truly made Allenberry a magical setting. To the wonderful people that believed in us to make an impact in their lives, no matter how big or small- we thank you. Words cannot express how grateful we are that you allowed us that opportunity. It is everything we lived for and continually fueled of our passions. We never took it for granted.

Unfortunately, it is with heavy hearts that we’re announcing the closure of Allenberry Resort as a result of this national crisis. However, our chief thoughts and concerns have shifted urgently to the mental and financial security of our family members that are now left without a source of income for their own families at a time where COVID-19, and our drastic national response to stem its spread, reaches its peak. The leaders at Allenberry remain a resource for the amazing people we can no longer financially support in order to help prepare them the best way we can ahead of this difficult stretch.

If you know a person in the service or hospitality industry that has lost their jobs because of COVID-19, please consider their plight and the offering of additional support for your fellow man that they may desperately need. A little bit from everyone can go a long way for one.

That being said, we remain hopeful that we will be able to weather and defeat this national crisis together, so that we can continue to change the lives of the people that have made this place so special, once again.

Allenberry Resort Management & Leadership