Private Cottages

Family Vacations & Private Getaways

Our selection of private cottages, located at two scenic central locations around the allenberry, provides comfortable stays for couples getaways, fly fishing excursions, small group getaways, or large family vacations. Each cottage sports its own unique set of rooms, features, and comfortable living spaces to accommodate any type of visit.

Cottage 1

The “White House” represents one of our larger cottage options and includes multiple family living spaces and rooms.

Cottage 2

Cottage 2 provides a wonderful option to fly fishermen or couples, featuring wader hangers, a private deck, and a parking lot.

Cottage 3

Cottage 3 boasts a secluded deck perched beside our open farmlands. It’s great for small groups or couples.

Cottage 4

Intimate Cottage 4 is located convenient distances away from the Playhouse, Fairfield Hall, and the Yellow Breeches.

Cottage 5

Cottage 5 boasts a private deck, Jacuzzi, and standing fireplace, making it another charming option for a couples getaway.

Cottage 6

Another large cottage option, Cottage 6 sports three distinct bedrooms and an inviting living room for your next family trip.