What to Pack for Your First Fly Fishing Trip to Hallowed Waters?

Boiling Springs, PA, is a versatile and unique year-long fly fishing destination that is loved by many anglers. And that is because it is home to some of the best fly fishing creeks in the United States. Therefore, it’s no surprise why Orvis endorsed Allenberry for fly fishing.

Allenberry is a beautiful Orvis-endorsed lodge situated between the Yellow Breeches, Big Spring, and the LeTort Spring Run Creeks. Allenberry offers numerous fly angling packages, with the most famous one being the Hallowed Waters tour.

The Hallowed Waters tour is a unique package for anglers who want to fish on the waterways. This tour requires at least two days; therefore, you should come with everything you need for fly fishing. So we recommend that you pack the following:  


1. Make Sure You Carry Your Fly Fishing Customized Kayak

A fly fishing kayak can improve your fishing experience during your first trip to the Hallowed Waters. A kayak can open up these creeks to you and allow you to access numerous fishing spots. With a kayak, you can get away from the other anglers and explore these Hallowed Waters as you enjoy some peace and tranquility. But, make sure you come with a slip-resistant vessel that can keep you safe. This way, you will never have to worry about falling into the water when casting your line.


2. Come Dressed for the Weather

In Boiling Spring, the winters are usually cloudy and very cold while the summers are humid and warm. And over the course of the year, the temperature ranges between 23°F and 85°F. The temperature rarely goes beyond 93°F or below 10°F. So depending on the weather, make sure you come prepared. Remember, the only way you can enjoy the health benefits of fishing is by making sure that you are well-dressed for the weather. Therefore, we recommend that you pack the following:

  • A versatile base layer – whether you decide on short-sleeved or long-sleeved, your base layer must have insulating properties if you plan on visiting the Hallowed Waters during the cold seasons. Your base layer must also have quick-drying properties to keep you and your family member dry all day long.
  • Mid-layer – despite the weather, your mid-layer should range from a lightweight technical shirt to an insulating quarter-zip pullover with quick-drying properties.
  • Raincoat – a summer rain can stir up food supply in the creek resulting in a very successful day. So, make sure you carry your rain shell jacket for this fishing trip if you don’t want to miss a great fishing day because of rain.
  • Footwear – river sandals are the best footwear for float fishing as they can give your feet a break from being enclosed in your waders the whole day.


3. Accessories

While your clothing can keep you warm or cold, your accessories can enhance your holiday and make you happy. So, instead of packing all your accessories, you should only select the items that can improve your fly fishing experience. Some of the accessories that can keep you comfortable during your trip include:

  • Hand warmers and fishing gloves – winters in Boiling Springs are usually very cold; therefore, you better come prepared with your fishing gloves and disposable hand warmers. The fishing gloves can also come in handy when the weather changes.
  • Polarized sunglasses – polarized sunglasses can allow you to see through the water and even spot your next big catch. These sunglasses work by reducing the glare and reflection of everything above the stream and the clouds or sky.
  • Sunscreen – a sunscreen can be your ultimate protection from the effects of overexposure to the UV rays from the sun.
  • Hats – a standard trucker fishing hat can protect you from direct sun during your fishing trip.

4. Fishing Gear

Most Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing lodges, including Allenberry, offer rental reels, rods, boots, and waders, among other gear at a small fee. Therefore, consider what gear you really need to pack for your trip. Remember, most guides offer high-end equipment and even train you on how to use them.

Allenberry has partnered with TCO Fly Shop to ensure that their guests are trained and provided with the best fly fishing gear. Therefore, you can have fun and fish using the right technique and equipment. But, if you must carry your gear, you might want to pack the following:

  • Rods – whether you have a beginner or a high-end rod, the guide will get you a place to fish. After all, Boiling Springs is a versatile fishing destination for all anglers. You can even bring more than one rod for your fishing trip. There are numerous types of fish in Boiling Springs, so a 3-to-5 weight rod can come in handy.
  • Reel and Spool – if you plan to pack your fly fishing rods, you should also bring your reel and spool. You can load them with a sink headline and a floating line.
  • A pack or a Vest – irrespective of what you choose, just make sureit has more than enough space for your fishing supplies. Remember, your vest should have room for your fly floatant, forceps, and nippers, among others. Most guides will provide you with the flies, so you don’t need to worry about that. However, make sure you carry your water bottle.
  • Waders – waders are the most personal gear every angler owns. So, if your wader is seam-sealed and breathable, you should pack it for the trip. However, if you have a damaged, poorly fitting, or rubber wader, you should consider borrowing or renting a pair from the guide.  

Final thoughts

The Hallowed Waters can be a perfect weekend getaway for anyone who wants to forget your busy week. It is an ideal trip for both experienced and novice fly fishing anglers. And the fact that Allenberry offers novice fly angling classes makes Boiling Springs a perfect destination for anyone who wants to get into fly fishing. But, without the right preparation, a great and relaxing trip can turn into your worst nightmare. After all, the weather can change without warning, so make sure you come prepared. Therefore, pack everything you need the number of days you will be at the Hallowed Waters.

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