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The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

September 7 – September 16, 2018

Midnight, 1940. A snowstorm encroaches upon the estate of a wealthy philanthropist, a patron of the arts, who has called together a famous songwriting team, an iconic director, a Broadway producer, and a pair of theater wannabes. They think that they are pitching the next musical extravaganza when, in fact, they have been summoned in order to discover the “Stagedoor Slasher,” a madman (or madwoman) who killed three chorus girl dancers, and just might kill again. Throw in some Nazi spies, cross-dressing psychopaths, and a bumbling police detective, and you have a murder-mystery-comedy with a vintage flair to boot. An ingenious and wildly comic romp which enjoyed a long and critically hailed run both on and Off-Broadway. Poking antic fun at the more ridiculous aspects of “show biz” and the corny thrillers of Hollywood’s heyday, the play is a non-stop barrage of laughter as those assembled (or at least those who aren’t killed off) untangle the mystery.

It Shoulda Been You

February 15th – March 3, 2018

In the hilarious and heartwarming new musical, It Shoulda Been You, it’s a culture clash for the ages when two families from wildly different backgrounds come together to celebrate a wedding. As if the union wasn’t complicated enough, the bride’s ex-boyfriend arrives, bringing the wedding to a screeching halt and throwing both families into hysterical chaos. A hilarious new musical complete with blushing brides, nervous grooms, overbearing moms, unexpected guests and enough twists and turns to make even the most experienced wedding planner throw up his hands and say, “Holy Matrimony!”

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The Man Who Saved Christmas

November 23 – December 16, 2018

This very merry new holiday musical is based on the true story of A.C. Gilbert, inventor of the Erector Set. Set in 1917, when America was embroiled in the first World War, this “New Old-Fashioned” crowd-pleaser focuses on Gilbert’s battle with the U.S. government as it attempts to ban toy sales during the holiday season. The toe-tapping melodies of the musical number accurate and charmingly echo the World War I era, and dancing factory workers, singing soldiers, chorus lines of happy kids, and know-it-all politicians make Mr. Gilbert story sting!

The Odd Couple (Male & Female Ver.)

April 5th – April 15th, 2018

The classic comedy discovers what happens when persons of opposite personalities and lifestyles become unlikely roommates. Prolific American playwright, Neil Simon, brought slovenly Oscar Madison and fastidious Felix Ungar to the stage in 1965 and won the Tony for Best Author of a Play. The Odd Couple went on to become a film and a successful television series. In 1985, Simon revised the play for a female cast in a contemporary setting, in which Olive Madison and Florence Ungar become the mismatched roommates after a marital separation. Hilarity results when the worlds of these endearing characters collide

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Live entertainment is a longstanding and treasured tradition at Allenberry Resort. In 1949, the Allenberry Playhouse opened, delighting visitors from near and far with wonderful plays and performances. Famous faces at the Allenberry include a young John Travolta who joined the summer stock program in 1971 and Shirley Jones who played a special one-week engagement in 1994 to sold-out crowds.

The historic playhouse has been lovingly restored and offers a full calendar of musicals, comedy and family fare to a new generation of guests and visitors.

Learn more about our 2017-2018 theater season at the Allenberry Playhouse and buy tickets here!  http://keystonetheatrics.com/buytickets/

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