Sticky Buns Are Back


Photo Credit: Michael Bupp, The Sentinel

Written by Tyler Miles, The Sentinel

Attendees at the Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce’s Taste of Home Cooking School event last week were given the opportunity to taste a local classic: Allenberry’s sticky buns.

The former Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse’s sticky buns were known as “famous” to anyone who spent time at the resort in the past, according to Karen Ocker, the new sales manager for the resort since Mike Kennedy, a native of Cumberland County and the organizer of a group of investors, purchased the property in September.

“Because we’re new, in terms of we are new owners doing some great things, this is just to let them (attendees) know we’re coming back and to let people know about all the exciting things we’ll be doing,” Ocker said.

The first Taste seemed to have gotten off to a brimming start. Michelle Crowley, president of the Greater Carlisle Area Chamber of Commerce, said they were expecting about 500 people and saw that number Tuesday.

Attendees to Taste got to enjoy food from local restaurants, vendor time, participate in giveaways and watch the Taste of Home cooking demonstrations by culinary specialist, Amy Zarichnak in the Carlisle Area High School’s Barr Auditorium.

“We looked at this event as a way to highlight the retail community, which includes restaurants, a number of area businesses, and bring out the general public which is always one of our target audiences,” Crowley said. “Some of the restaurants they’re sampling today maybe people will find out a little more about and maybe they’ll start going there.”

And of those vendors, Breeches’ Bakery was one of the most popular.

The sticky, sweet pastry used to be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some guests would eat them three times a day during stays at Allenberry. That’s why Allenberry’s Breeches’ Bakery is set on bringing back the “old tradition” of serving them when they open around Easter next spring, Ocker said.

The 57-acre resort is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, so the bakery will be opened once that finishes. However, Ocker said people can still order sticky buns to be picked up at the facility.

“Allenberry has always been known for their famous sticky buns, so we’re continuing that tradition, keeping some of the old traditions, but also starting some new ones when Allenberry opens,” she said.

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