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Rock-Climbing and Rappelling at White Rock Acres

Activities should be booked a week in advance. Booking an activity during your stay will be subject to scheduling and availability.

Explore the nearby verticals with a trip to the White Rock Acres, a site that belongs to the extended White Rocks Ridge that runs through Cumberland County. Like a lot of our outdoor experiences, rock-climbing and rappelling can be modified to fit any age or skill level, making it a challenging activity for experienced climbers or those looking to experience the satisfaction of scaling a vertical for the first time. Best of all, the activity is only a short shuttle ride, provided by Allenberry, away.


  • 12 guests maximum
  • Parties larger than 6 guests will need to pay an additional Guide Fee (each guide can attend to 6 guests at a time)
  • Package includes necessary climbing and safety equipment, complimentary lunch from Allenberry, and shuttle to and from the climbing site at White Rock Acres