Toast to Your Family or Team

Private Dining at Allenberry

Private dining at Allenberry includes attentive service from our Barn Restaurant staff to bring the best out of your celebration or occasion, and a variety of convenient amenities to keep corporate groups brainstorming while they feast. Either way, you’ll enjoy a responsibly-sourced dish from our restaurant all in the privacy of your own charming dining space.

Tasting Room

Our more intimate private dining space option, the Tasting Room, features a hand-painted mural and a King Arthur-style table for small celebrations or productive company lunches and dinners.

The Cellar

Accentuated by an exclusive bar and private bathrooms, the Cellar is a great option for larger dining groups, featuring a balcony that overlooks the property for a relaxing company mixer or family outing.

Plan Your Private Dinner

Are you looking to host your next anniversary, birthday celebration, or graduation dinner with our family at Allenberry? Contact our Director of Hospitality & Events, Mary Williamson. Mary will help you reserve your private dining space depending on the size of your occasion.

Phone: (717) 258-3211 ext. 5

Meet Mary Williamson

Originally earning her Master’s Degree in Teaching Health & Physical Education at Pitt, our Director of Hospitality & Events, Mary Williamson, has previously served dedicated tenures at numerous educational institutions before joining Allenberry. She’s worn many hats at our resort, previously working as a bartender, front desk ambassador, and Breeches Bakery & Cafe manager.

Now Mary, who’s been a part of Allenberry since 2017, welcomes guests into the Allenberry family by providing them special private dining occasions to remember forever. In her spare time, Mary enjoys skiing (she taught children how to ski for ten years), traveling, and raising her own seven children with her husband, Derrick.

Contact Mary


Phone: 717-258-3211 ext. 5

Happy Private Diners