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The Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania and the southern Catskills of New York are the historic epicenters of fly fishing in America. Allenberry is situated in the heart of the Cumberland Valley and at the heart of what we call our “Hallowed Waters”. The Letort Spring Creek, Big Spring Creek and Yellow Breeches Creek, two classic limestone spring streams and one freestone stream make up these waters and have influenced anglers, such as Vince Marinaro, Charlie Fox, Joe Brooks and Lefty Kreh. These streams offer a variety of riparian ecosystems illustrating the diversity of our fly fishing opportunities.

We recommend that you spend 2 – 4 days with our Orvis-certified guide partners from TCO Fly Shop to get the most out of this experience. Depending upon the time of year, you’ll match the hatch with Tricos, Sulphurs, Whiteflies, and terrestrials on the surface or strip streamers to entice big brown trout in deeper water. As with most chalk streams, fish on the Letort and Big Spring are selective and the fishing can be demanding. Accurate casting and line management skills are at a premium here, but the payoff can be great as these fish live in an incredibly nutrient-rich habitat and grow to amazing proportions in relatively small water. Fishing on the “Breeches” is typically a bit more straightforward. It is prime nymphing water throughout the year with very predictable hatches in the spring and great terrestrial fishing during the summer. If you want a Cumberland Valley trout sampler, our partners at TCO will make it worth your while!

Package includes lodging in our Pine, Meadow, or Stone Lodges. Lodging in the Mansion or one of our Cottages will be subject to availability and upcharge. Additional nights can be added to your quote. The package also includes 1 breakfast item, 1 drink, and 1 complimentary lunch a day.

Fly-fishing excursions must be booked a week in advance. Without booking a week in advance, packages will be subject to availability. Price is for 2 people and non-negotiable.

Package Cost

$980 (2 full days, up to 2 people)
$1530 (3 full days, up to 2 people)
$1980 (3 full days + ½ DAY, up to 2 people)

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