Get Up Get Out | Mountain rappelling in Boiling Springs

This article was originally written by Ashley Honea of CBS21 and was published on Friday, January 25, 2019.

Cody Meassick is in charge of all things adventure for Allenberry Resort.

He showed us the ropes of the White Rocks in Boiling Springs.

“We’re at a climbing spot, which is one of the best climbing spots to start climbing in Pennsylvania at least, maybe even the world,” says Cody.

It’s a bit of a hike to get to White Rocks, located right off the Appalachian Trail,- but Meassick says it’s one of the best places to get started on the right foot.

“You look at how good the holds are so you want stuff that’s really big, you want good feet for kids. you also look at the angle of the wall and so when you’re looking at the angle.

You don’t want it to be straight up so that you have to exert a lot of force,” he says.

After you’re all set with plenty of knots and safety gear- it’s over the cliff you go for a nice easy glide down the side of the rocks.

Meassick says kids as young as five-years-old have come out to tackle the challenge.

“Our suggestion is to take them out young. Get them exposed to it. And we’ll work with them. We’ll climb alongside them if we need to.”

It’s an adventure fit for the whole family- whatever your physical abilities.

“No matter your age, you can do the climb. You can do the hike and you do can do the climb at the end of the day and that’s what’s really cool about it.”

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