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Central PA Art Show & Holiday After-Party

Join us on May 11th and 12th for a Mother’s Day Central PA art show, and our first contemporary art exhibit and opening, “Mother”, at Allenberry Resort. Our partners from the Metropolis Collective, a locally- and regionally-renowned contemporary fine art gallery from Mechanicsburg, Pa., are crafting special art pieces focused on the past, present, and future of motherhood to celebrate the holiday and display in The Cellar as we host our first Central PA art show.

The “Mother” Contemporary Art Exhibit will be open to the public Saturday evening (7:00PM – 10:30PM) and all day Sunday in The Cellar. However, meet the artists on the evening of May 11th during a Mother’s Day party out on our 1798 Terrace (7:00PM – 10:30PM). Enjoy a cash bar in The Cellar, dinner at leisure from The Barn beforehand, and the live jazz, funk, and R&B stylings of YAM YAM (7:00PM – 10:30PM), just for her.

Celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day with the creative expressions of the Metropolis Collective and Allenberry Resort’s Mother’s Day art show pop-up, and show her how much you mean to her with an evening of engaging art and festivities!



She is one of the oldest archetypes, the giver of life, the doorway between worlds, a transmuter, and a preserver of life energy. She is our Mother.

Not just an archetype, she is also human, with a face, a personality, and a depth of mind. She carries, supports, loves, gets tired, sometimes dominates, and wounds- very often with the best of intentions. For better or worse, she is the most influential force in our lives, because we came from her. 

All of nature reflects her circle and her creative energy: she is the moon, the water, and the femme fatale, the crazy cat lady, and the wise old woman behind the library desk. She is the mystery embodied by an artist’s muse, a fierce warrior presence, and a guidepost throughout a child’s life.

As a symbol, she has been venerated since civilization began. Egyptian dynasties came and went, but their prevailing mother goddess, Mut, adapted with the culture, her characteristics changing over the course of thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks called her Gaia, the wife of Uranus, also called /mi’ter.a/, or Womb.  Mary, the Judeo-Christian Mother of Jesus, is often referred to as “The Queen of Heaven”, and The Mother of Sorrows’, both anxious for her son’s safety and humbled by his great destiny.

Perhaps no one inhabits the past, present, and future tense the way a mother does. Part of her is always looking back, remembering her children as helpless babies, while at the same time,  struggling to ’stay present’, connected emotionally and physically to her offspring. And what would a mother be, without her anxiety for the future, wondering and worrying about her children, no matter how old they get? To describe her is complex.

Still, the word ‘Mother’ is one of the oldest surviving words, in any language. Right down to the slight variations of sound, and spelling, across cultures and time. She is the Earth, the cosmos, and all of life that cycles in and out of existence. To us, she is creativity, the nurturing spirit that strives to reach beyond itself within her lifetime. 

As humans in general and artists in particular, we are indebted to our physical and Spiritual Mothers, for their roles,  their commitment to us, their Wisdom, and even their mistakes. The lessons they teach us are eternal, whether intentional or not. This is our tribute.


The Metropolis Collective


Hannah is a self-taught artist and writer originally from Upstate New York. She works in a range of mediums, with an emphasis on found object sculpture, art dolls, and painting. She is inspired by human psychology, ancient mysticism, dream imagery, and abandoned places.


Angela is an intuitive abstract artist from Harrisburg. The textural work is born from within allowing the viewer to develop their own experiences with the paintings.


Robb Bomboy is from Boiling Springs, Pa. He is most interested in 3D Digital Design, Sculpture, Photography, Documentary Film, and Pottery. He teaches at Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. He earned his Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Penn State University.


The Huckle Buckle Boys are a two-person art partnership focusing on the exploratory nature of collaboration and the inner flow experience. Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett strive to bring passion, laughter, and their unique vision to the world of art while holding to the idea that improvisation and spontaneity are the heartbeats of the underground and contemporary art culture.


Tiff George is a tattooist, painter, baker, and maker of things. She is a cat lover, a master gardener, a sci-fi fan and a practitioner of sarcasm. She travels often but calls Mechanicsburg, Pa., home.


Dai En (Diane Hollis) is a working Artist at The Pajama Factory Art Studios, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. You can find her on social media:

Dai En Hollis Artworks


Joanne Landis is an Artist currently working in the Williamsport Area. In all of her large and small scale paintings, she works exclusively with the figure, attempting to create an environment for each that matches its internal geography.


Sean Matthews is a sculptor whose work examines visual connections between the altar and the object while also investigating aesthetic relationships between material, form, and space. He received a BFA from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, with multiple concentrations in Sculpture, Metals and Jewelry, and Fibers and his MFA in Sculpture from Towson University. Sean is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


Paul And Donna Nagle are both career art educators as well as practicing artists. Together they have two children, Milo and Thea.