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Meeting & Event Space Options

Say goodbye to boring conference rooms

The indoor and outdoor meetings spaces at Allenberrry have the charm and elegance of the past but can handle all of your current-day business and entertaining needs.   Please see our current meeting room and reception venues below.

Map Room

Address your team in front of a detailed, hand-painted map of Cumberland County. The Map Room boasts ultimate seating arrangement flexibility from theatre-style or U-shape seating suited for speeches and presentations, to King Arthur- or hollow square-style table setups perfect for team meetings. Your group can dine on a delicious company buffet, dinner, or cocktail reception while you collaborate.

Dimensions: 25′ x 34′ | 850sqft | Max Capacity 80

Map Room U-Shape

Map Room Theater

Map Room Rounds w/ Buffet

Map Room Round Seating

Map Room King Arthur

Map Room Hollow Square

Map Room w/ Crescents

Map Room Cocktail Reception

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Crockett Room

The large colonial-style Crockett Room contains vaulted ceilings, warm natural light, white windows, and a fireplace to provide an open atmosphere for your team function. It supports a variety of seating arrangements for buffet, cocktail receptions, presentations and speeches, or important meetings between you and your team.

Dimensions: 39′ x 37′ | 1443sqft | Max Capacity 120

Crockett Room U-Shape

Crockett Room Theater

Crockett Room Rounds w/ Buffett

Crockett Room Round Seating

Crockett Room Hollow Square

Crockett Room w/ Crescents

Crockett Room Cocktail Reception

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Carriage Room

The Carriage Room is a large space featuring wall to wall windows, fireplaces, rustic wood and stone details, and industrial light fixtures. It’s a great space for speeches and presentations, and has an option for an additional stage and dance floor. The Stone Tavern, an attached bar, gives your team a good excuse to socialize during a friendly cocktail hour.

Dimensions: 33′ x 71′ | 2343sqft | Max Capacity 200

Carriage Room Crescent

Carriage Room Rounds

Carriage Room w/ Dance Floor

Carriage Room Theater

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Allenberry Marquee

The perfect option for an open-air, large corporate event. Allenberry Marquee provides an elegant outdoor ballroom atmosphere to your catered company dinner, charity gala, or anniversary celebration with it’s large 300-guest seating capacity, while still being immersed in the surrounding natural setting.

Dimensions: 60′ x 100′ | 6000sqft | Max Capacity 500

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The Mansion

Built in 1820, The Mansion’s large veranda and inviting yard make it the perfect colonial-style home away from home for your team. Watch your teammates unwind during a casual backyard cocktail reception, laid-back social hour, or private dinner across the Mansion’s many entertaining rooms and parlors. Sleep like royalty in one of its four private suites.

Dimensions: Varied | Varied | Max Capacity 120

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1798 Terrace

Plan a spacious cocktail reception or catered company dinner on our historic, open-air terrace, with elevated views of the surrounding Allenberry property and four fireplaces to gather around. Deliver an inspiring speech to your team while they soak in the natural views of the surrounding woodland.

Dimensions: 84′ x 47′ | 4089sqft | Max Capacity 288

Terrace Theater

Terrace Round Seating

Terrace Cocktail Reception

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Playhouse at Allenberry

Inject some creativity and fun into your next meeting with a private corporate event in our famous Playhouse at Allenberry, or take advantage of the theater-style arrangement for a TED-Talk style speech on its grand stage. Our talented partner, Keystone Theatrics, can tailor a private event, show, or musical for a fun, team-building experience for any size corporate group.

Theater seats 252 people

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Tasting Room

The Tasting Room features an authentic wood, King Arthur-style, dining table. The room is a premier space for a private dining experience, with a capacity perfect for small groups or teams. Your team can combine ideas over great farm-to-table dishes, presented personally from a chef, from The Barn Restaurant next door.

Private Dining Space | 400sqft | Max. Capacity 14

Tasting Room King Arthur

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The Cellar

The Cellar is a cozy dining hall setting complete with exclusive bar, perfect for private celebrations, anniversaries, or corporate get-togethers. The Cellar is located conveniently next to our 1798 Terrace and pool for a fun-packed indoor/outdoor event during the summer.

Dimensions: 16′ x 22′ | 352sqft | Max Capacity 60

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