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Allenberry Resort's Pastry Chef Kayla FaughtWhile many delightful visions of  dining, spa-ing, theater-going and lodging come to mind when thinking of Allenberry Resort, we’re sharing our other successes with you too.

Today we’re featuring an unsung hero: our busy Pastry Chef, Kayla Faught. For those of you who may not know, Kayla is the master baker of our famous sticky buns here at Allenberry Resort’s Breeches Bakery.

The Allenberry sticky buns are so popular that orders have been shipped out to homes across the United States — Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and more – in time for Christmas.

All told, Kayla has been baking over 500 sticky buns a week from scratch for the past four weeks!

Kayla received her love for baking from her grandmother and mother, but her formal training came about through the Culinary Arts program at KTI. According to Kayla, she has been a pastry chef “… since she was big enough to reach a stove.”

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