Big Spring

Single Family Home From $589,900

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3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | 2 Car Garage
From 2,880 Sq. Ft.

Architectural Inspiration: Low Country Farmhouse

The Big Spring finds its inspiration in the Low Country Farmhouse design, made popular in the coastal plains of South Carolina and Georgia. With a raised first level to protect against flooding from hurricanes and broad roofs and deep porch to provide shade from the southern sun, the Low Country Farmhouse quickly became the hub of the family. The Big Spring is no different. Its porch, extra-spacious kitchen (with large pantry and back kitchen), and open dining room/great room welcome family and friends with open arms into a loving home.

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Big Spring - Upper Floor - Click For A Larger Image

The Porches of Allenberry

1559 Boiling Springs Road
Boiling Springs PA 17007

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