Defined by Family, Wellness, and Culture

What is Allenberry?

Historic Allenberry, on the Yellow Breeches Creek, is an authentic American destination recently renovated from the ground up. The Allenberry spirit connects residents, member, guests and team members through inclusion and a deep appreciation for shared values. We treasure agriculture, enthusiasm for the outdoors, arts, and adventure. We’d love to make Allenberry part of your story, your history and your adventure.
–Mike Kennedy, Owner

The Kennedy Family

Owner, Mike Kennedy, first experienced Allenberry at a very young age during memorable swimming trips with his family. Though still young, Kennedy realized what Allenberry meant to the surrounding Cumberland County and never forgot the property’s unique scenery as he grew older. After finding success with his company, TRAC, Mike purchased Allenberry, hoping to elevate the property that once provided the spirited memories of his family swimming trips.

Mike’s wife Katie, taught 5th grade at a school in Harrisburg before becoming a stay-at-home mom with the birth of their first child, Michael. She always loved to host her family and friends, so much that she and Mike began a wedding venue named Kennedy Family Farm, where they continued to impart their sense of family to those who hosted their weddings at the farm.

When Allenberry went up for sale in 2015, Mike and Katie fell in love with its potential, enthusiastically sharing their vision for every facet of the Allenberry on their tour. They had no choice but to purchase the important Cumberland Valley landmark and to create an opportunity for as many as possible to fall in love with this special place

Future Vision

Today is only the beginning of what’s in store for Allenberry, as the Kennedys continue to build the property into a new home Allenberry community founded on adventure, culture and agriculture for all to enjoy through home ownership, membership or simply as guests. Join them as the vision takes shape and the legacy of Allenberry continues as an adventure for a lifetime.

The History of Allenberry

Allenberry was originally founded by relatives of Davy Crockett back in the late 1700s. Today, limestone constructions from the Crockett ownership carry on the legacy of Allenberry’s origins. George Beltzhoover purchased the property in the 1800s and further developed the land into agricultural prosperity, constructing two more limestone mainstays- the Mansion, and the Fairfield Hall.

In 1928, Lewis and Horace Sadler expanded Fairfield Hall and repurposed the Mansion for summer entertainment, while still preserving Allenberry’s pastoral heritage.

In 1944, Horace Sadler sold the estate to Charles A. B. Heinze who, upon acquiring the property, wrote, “When I saw this gem, it was too good to keep from the public.” Heinze expanded the entertainment aspects even further over his 72-year ownership, building the historic Playhouse in 1949, further expanding Fairfield Hall, and constructing the 1798 Terrace.

Now, a new era begins. Shepherded forward by new ownership and drastic renovations from the Kennedy family, Allenberry continues to expand its cultural, agricultural, artistic, wellness, and outdoor enthusiast offerings to the community far and wide.