A Sustainable Lifestyle New Home Community

The history of this charmed community is evident everywhere you look, but Allenberry has been designed in every way to create a prosperous, adventurous and most importantly, a sustainable future. Certain elements of this sustainable plan are obvious, like our working farm, while others are more subtle or even unseen. And this lifestyle extends beyond sustenance for the body, stir your soul with authentic entertainment at the regionally renowned playhouse or simply around the fire with neighbors, friends and a few cocktails from our charming restaurant.  

The Barn Restaurant

Food sourced from your own farm? It simply doesn’t get any fresher than that.  Our talented culinary team’s honest but flavorful dishes, created mainly through locally – and responsibly-sourced ingredients, form the main components of our innovative cuisine.

The Breeches Bakery & Café

We never want our residents, members or guests beginning their days on the wrong foot, which is why the Breeches Bakery & Cafe offers baked goods (baked daily), nutritious superfoods, breakfast sandwiches, and more to start your day off right.